Don’the be late or be mad as a hatter Alice’s Adventures Underground

Now that the show has shut its doors for 2015 I am reviewing it in depth to let everyone know what characters you actually got to see and what you missed out on if you never went.

If you love theatre and love to walk through to different rooms and get involved in some way then this is the show to off seen and experience.

The whole performance was a =n amazing take on Alice in Wonderland story. First off you are all put into a room full of books then shown a cinematic short film before you get to meet the white rabbit and I must say his costume was awesome and loved the way his ears moved.  You are given a choice via the rabbit and one of the card people of “drink me” or “eat me” watch how the rabbit gets smaller and then bigger when he runs to two doors in the  odd shaped room.  Once you have chosen your choice you are then led through your chosen path through the door and you will be taken on a wonderful and unique colourful journey and meet so many characters.

DRINK ME (Clubs / Spades – we was Clubs)

Each BLACK SUIT gets led through the tunnel to the first scene the Cheshire Cat via the rabbit.

It is set in a black room and you see various puppetry of the Cheshire Cat happen throughout.  At one point you see a massive head of the Cheshire Cat come through the wall with its big bright yellow eyes and massive grin.  The cat was quite scary but what the cat said was very funny.

What you get to see if you were a CLUB:

The Caterpillar set in a dark room with toadstools around and a very spongy floor felt like we was walking on a bouncy castle but yet spongier.  The Caterpillar was a large size puppet operated by two people.  The caterpillar sat on top of a massive toadstool smoking a Shisa (no smoke came out though).  The caterpillar spoke about many things especially about the queen was quite amusing and his voice was so similar to the voice that you hear in the cartoon. A very spaced out caterpillar.

The Kitchen with The Cook and a Woman with her baby Pig. The cook is making tarts for the Queen of Hearts and he throws pastry at people and the woman with the pig pulls out someone from the audience (my husband got pulled out on our trip) and put in the pot to be cooked.  She then pulls out other people to help season and stir the soup bowl which the chosen person has to stand in.  She also gets someone from the audience to hold her pig (me on my visit) and before you can get to hold the pig she makes it squeal really loudly (she squeals for the pigs voice) and she then quickly pulls the pig back towards her.  It is the most funniest scene as its comically done with the throwing of pastry, the squealing pig etc.

The Tart Maker  here you get to learn about the queens tarts and get to taste a piece of the queens tarts.

EAT ME (Hearts / Diamonds – we was Hearts)

Each red suit gets leds via a person dressed as a card through the tunnel and checked in via getting your card via a booth to state which red suit you will be.  All red suits are then led onto a room to see the Frog.

The Frog is comical and at points shuts certain people from audience that has certain suits behind doors.  The rabbit also makes a appearance through this scene and is trying to get out but the frog does not let him know which door to escape from so the rabbit opens many doors one being a door that opens to another door that is smaller, then another even smaller until he gets to a really small size door.  The rabbit then opens another door and a gusted of cold wind and snow like material comes blowing out etc. Eventually the frog lets the rabbit know which door to get out of.  Near the end of the scene the diamonds are led through a door that leads into a forest and the Hearts (me) are kept behind.
what you get to see if you are a HEART:

The Frog extra scene.  The frog then teaches us how to do the flamingo salute “all Hail the Queen, coooo” that we have to perform for the Queen.

Spying on the Jack of Hearts (the Knave). We the hearts are led onto spy on the Jack of Hearts and audience talking about painting the roses red.  Whilst we are spying we have the Cheshire Cat (a face of a cat been operated by a person telling us to be quiet whilst spying.

All RED SUITS get to see the amazing Mock Turtle. You get to see a talking moon first of all in the sky and then you see the Mock Turtle wake up that is sitting on a island in a middle of water who then starts to sing a beautiful song and play a guitar amazing singer.

All suits BLACK AND RED get to see at some stage Alice in the mirror room, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (comical acrobatic performance), Mad Hatters Tea Party (unbirrthday song gets sung) and lastly the Court with the Queen of Hearts.

All the scenes are comical, the decoration of the rooms outstanding, costumes high end and everything was just so atmospheric, the 90 minutes passed so fast.  It’s so hard to put this play in words to give it justice was magical and unique.

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