Live the scenes – Secret Cinema

I have been to many Secret Cinema events before (Shawshank Redemption, Millers Crossing, Back to the Future) and Star Ways being my latest.

All the Secret Cinema performances I have been to have all been highly immersive experiences and brilliantly done.

The latest Star Wars production I went along to has to be now my best.  I won’t give too much away but wow I really felt like I was in the market of Star Wars with the floor covered with sand.  You can buy merchandise, food and drink from pop up market.  I especially loved dancing / mimicking with the dancers at the Cantina Bar dancing with aliens (best place for drinks), watching Chewbacca and Hans Solo performing a scene and watching scenes played out by Luke and R2D2.  You can really get immersive with the actors or you can just walk around / stand back and watch.  I got to be co pilot and fly (pretend) the spaceship into a next scene / section.   I especially loved seeing children getting involved and immersing with the actors / actresses.  You all get to see the film Empire Strikes Back during your time at SC after a few hours of immersive enjoyment.  I highly recommend to anyone however I highly recommend that you dress up otherwise you may feel a bit out of place.

Back to the Future was good but not as immersive as all other events.  It was more like a fair / village fete and you had to be in right place at right time on most occasions on this event to see a scene being acted out.  I only saw a few scenes from a fight that happened in the café area between Biff and George McFly and another scene played out via Biff and co. At all events when the film is played things happen throughout so don’t go missing the film.

Millers Crossing production was a film that involved gangstars and like usual you could get involved in a lot of scenes with the actors / actresses from spying behind a newspaper, gambling, trashing a newspaper factory, etc.

My first SC experience was Shawshank Redemption and it was amazing.  I was put into a blacked out van to old school decorated out as an old prision, had to strip down and dress in a prison outfit which we was given, thrown in a cell, had to do prison duties, etc. I really felt like I was in a prison.

Secret Cinema is definitely for anyone that loves films, loves theatre, loves dressing up and getting involved which I do.

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