Immerse yourself into another world – Gingerline

Gingerline is an amazing food / immersive theatre experience.

Gingerline is done so well from the décor, food and the immersive experiences that you get from the actors/actresses.

Once tickets are released for there new event / themed pop up tickets sell out within minutes.

The very first one we went to was a Lost Garden experience.  This was held at London Bridge we went through a door in the back street near London Bridge and we entered into a magical garden full of plants, fake butterflies, birds and bees.  We sat at our dedicated table with two other customers and was greeted by many different characters (actors/actresses) throughout our meal one being a bee keeper telling us about his bees and showing us his bees.  At certain interval moments you will hear a story or see some sort of act being played out.  We had a fish pond soup, guinea fowl main meal and a citrus type dessert with honey.

The Secret Island was the second one we attended and again did not disappoint.  This was held in Hoxton this time around.  We entered under a very low tunnel via a make shift push boat into the world of Singapore.  We firstly entered into a forest with a man that lived in the forest and he told us all about his life and the tiger that stalked the forest.  The canapés was hanging in balls in the trees which we had to pick off.  Next room was a Singaporian cafe which we was given crab rolls by a very excitable chef that kept on hitting his plastic crabs, next stop was onto a living room were we met our pretend Auntie and niece which was all very comical and we was served chicken curry. Next stop onto a boat harbour which we drunk a cocktail out of plastic bags whilst a odd man with a hat danced around watching us all drink.  The last room was like a futuristic nightclub which was we was then given a pannacotta dessert.  The nightclub dancer was so amusing with his antics and dancing.  Just had to be seen to be believed.

For both past events check out Gingerlines website for a video example and photos.

The latest one The Chambers of Flavours is very different to the past events that Gingerline has put on and in my opinion even better than the other two fantastic events and even more immersive.  I am not allowed as to say what happens as it is still on at present so us Gingerliners have to keep it a SECRET but it is definitely one not to missed so if you can get hold of the tickets which are like gold dust I highly recommend.

So if you love immersive events, food and want to be wowed then book if you can !!!!

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