Eat your way through a movie – Edible Cinema showing ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

This was my first experience with Edible Cinema.  I attended a one of showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Jonny Depp version) which was shown in IMAX cinema located in the Science Museum.  I have seen the film before but Edible cinema provides a twist of supplying you with a tray pots on it all numbered and in each pot there will be a different piece of food (snack) or drink to eat at certain points throughout the film.  For example one pot contained a paste that tasted a bit like toothpaste so we ate that one when Willy was having a flash back of his father, a pot with some candy in it which we ate when the children was in the field of sweets, another with chocolate gloop when the boy was sucked up in the chocolate tube etc.  Some pots some of the items inside tasted quite nice and was quite pleasurable and then some pots contained things that was not very nice at all and I had to actually spit out. Also I felt some of the pots was too over powering in alcoholic flavour. Shame as this spoilt the night in some aspects.  Also on that night the film was delayed by 30 minutes in starting due to vegetarian boxes etc been given to people that required meat ones by accident etc.

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