Booze & naughty Elfs – South Pole Saloon

The South Pole Saloon opens 20 November 2015 and runs on various dates until 23 December, hosted at Valentia Place, Brixton, SW9. Queue jump tickets are advisable and are just £3. Private booths are also available for groups, click below for more info.

I went along to a preview night (19 Nov) and it was a shambles not enough bar staff for a start so waited ages to get a drink and other staff not knowing who gets what in the case of drinks and food for Nudge members, press etc. However saying this the burger and Pizza that I had plus the drinks was very nice indeed.  Best burger and Pizza I have had in a while.  I also loved watching the bar staff creating the jack Daniels drinks and was impressed by the large jack Daniels sharing buckets.  I would of had a sharing bucket if I thought I could handle that amount of drink but I fear if I did I might fall to the floor in laughter and then go into nod land.  The food and drink is all set at the back and then there is a love private booth and gothic booth for hire for groups.  Then there is the main saloon area where you go through saloon doors and see another bar with different drinks, a dance floor, dj, stage area and cinema screen.  During the time at this place there is some actors/actresses going around interacting with people think they are supposed to be naughty elfs and naughty sexy santa type ladies they are amusing.  So if you love burgers, pizza, Jack Daniels cocktails and loud music then I would say give it a go but if you are just looking to chill and drink and chat with your mates then don’t.

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