A Elf alot of fun – Lush represents ‘The Sun Cinema’ I saw ‘Elf’ (limited run)

Pop up cinema 5-24 December on ground floor of Lush in Oxford Circus.

This was a unique experience to watch a festive film whilst smelling and eating/drinking bits throughout the movie.  We chose to go along in the week that they showed the movie Elf.  We sat at back which we felt was the better seating area. We was given a box of smells/props each and some sweets/popcorn (salt unfortunately) for nibbles.  Also we was given a Elf hat to wear (alas we was not allowed to keep at end).  At certain scenes of the movie we had to smell certain props that was in our box of smells for example one was of a photo of a Buddy’s parents which smelt like odd,  another scene when Buddy was working in the mail room we all was given a envelope and we had to smell inside that etc but it was not all about smell some scenes we had to drink/eat something and the snowball scene we all was given white balloons to bat around to each other like we was having a snowball fight. Also throughout we had many sing alongs.  Was thoroughly entertaining and even better as was a free experience.  A great novel way to experience smells/products that Lush sells.

When the cinema is gone it will be replaced back with its gallery of different perfume that Lush sells.

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