Sleuth – Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green ‘Uncorked Theatre Production’ (limited run)

UnCorked is London’s newest jazz theatre company, and our city’s best kept secret. Combining immersive theatre with jazz cabaret dance, the company specializes in breaking the fourth wall between the performers and their audience, challenging them to observe private acts that are usually left behind closed doors. By immersing the performance in and amongst the audience, characters entice those around them to follow their story, encouraging the audience to choose their own adventure. UnCorked is defined by a cast of authentically powerful entertainers. Together they are dedicated to creating captivating productions. They are consistently pushing the social and creative boundaries of jazz and live theatre, leaving their audience feeling nothing short of alive.

I went along to their production “How to Solve a Problem Like Murder” which was held in the pub Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green.  The event was being held upstairs of the establishment.  Me and my friend was handed a envelope with a mask to wear, pen, suspect page and note page.  We was the both led up the stairs by a boy and girl (well two adults pretending to be children) and then we entered a room where there was some performing half naked sexy dancing ladies who were part of the whole act / story.  I cant say much about the story as don’t want to give anything away but basically there is affairs going on between the whole group of woman and the men so many arguments happen but the best part was that the dancing that the ladies and men do throughout the show there was about 6 different dances throughout the night.  The boy and girl guides you to important pieces of info throughout the night and also whilst going around listening and watching the acting taking place you have to be quite which is good as does not spoil what is going on and can take in more what is going on.  Also the difference with this murder mystery is that you had to solve who was going to be murdered and who was the killer so unique in that respect.  I got the killer right and my friend got who would be murdered correctly.  However even though we got them right we did not get a prize just a slip of paper with a saying on it so that was a tad disappointing and also we could not even keep the masks which i think is quite unhygienic to give back for them to reuse again and its not even like the masks were expensive they were cheap.

However well worth the money as the acting by all was superb and a great plot the best murder mystery I have ever done and so different.  So don’t miss out and book your murder mystery with Uncorked productions today.  Tickets have already sold out for most dates so get booking fast.

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