Scream or not to scream – ‘Goosebumps Alive’ at the Vaults

Goosebumps Alive at The Vaults is a walk through theatrical production.  At the reception area where you check in you are given a card to represent which path you will adventuring through.  Firstly you are led into a bar area where you can have a drink or two. One of the drinks is served in a syringe which is novel and funny.  Eventually an actor comes into the room and starts to have some kind of mental breakdown in amongst us all explaining about nightmares he has been having etc.  We are then called by our groups and led through a maze of stories through the Vaults.  I was in the Spider group. You experience many different stories which are all beautifully told and acted out.  The rooms are excellently done with amazing costumes that the performers wear which makes the whole scene and story more eerie. The scarecrows in particular was great with their height and scary pumpkin head masks.  I would highly recommend to anyone to go along as the stories were great and the costumes/sets spectacular. Only downside for me is that it even though felt a bit eerie it was not scary enough and I felt that there could of been more immersive interaction.  The show lasts for 90 minutes with no interval and tickets cost £32.50.

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