Modern day Jungle Book – Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre showing ‘Running Wild’ (limited season)

This is an amazing hidden gem of a open air theatre in Regents Park.  I never knew about this place until a couple of months back when I saw a advertisement for a show called Running Wild that appealed to me as consisted of a story of survival and animals.  When you enter through the entrance there is so many bars and eating places to grab something from and all so open and spacious.  There is also a la carte restaurant where you will be served your starter and main and then in interval you go back for your dessert which is so unique.  This one though has to be pre-booked in advance as only a few tables as a small area.  When it was time to go into the theatre area you are greeted with seats in a semi circle style around the circular type theatre stage.  The play was really well done with the puppetry of the animals and the acting from the cast and especially the young girl was amazing and really did pull on my heart swings as the story was about a girl that looses her dad so goes on holiday with her mum and then is trapped in the tsunami which her mum is swept away but the girl is saved by the elephant she was riding on at time.  I wont say much else as don’t want to spoil for everyone but if you want to now the story then read Michael Morpurgo’s Running Wild.  Was such a moving story in every way and was acted out really well.  I highly recommend anyone to go along to this theatre as is so unique however my advice is to take a blanket along as it gets a bit chilly at night as is open air afterall even maybe take a poncho as if it rains there is no shelter.

To find out about their newest performances click here.

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