Food, drinks & chefs – Taste of London 2016

Wow Taste of London this year has improved dramatically from last year.  I loved the fact that now you don’t need to use crowns and you can actually pay at the restaurant stands/stalls with money or plastic, however you can still buy crowns if you wanted.  I think using plastic is far better as you don’t end up having crowns left over (dead money) plus saves the environment using less paper.  However by people paying by card at the stands has caused the queues to be a bit slower and longer.  So pros and cons to both ways really. I also loved all the different interactive areas that you could participate in from making a cocktail with some stalls to cooking along with Jeremy Pang at AEG (some you have to book your slot on day, first come first served basis so book from start).  I went along to AEG Tasteology and it was very interesting as I learnt that vegetables should really be stored on the top shelf in the fridge, how much waste is produced by us all a year, etc.  It was so interesting and made me really think about food and possibly even abandoning my supermarket and go and shop from a farmer, butcher etc instead.  I also participated in Celebrity Cruises and had a wine tasting / food experience that was done by Oz Clarke who was highly humorous and such a lovely man.  He also inspired me along with other people even more to go and try out a Celebrity cruise.  The food at Taste of London this year was also awesome, I had so many amazing dishes here are some of my favourites Theo Randalls pasta filled with veal and topped with porcini mushrooms so lush, pork belly from Roka which was thick and juicy and just melted in my mouth and the juicy big scallops with a hint of spice from Champor Champor, yum.  Also on certain days certain top celebrity chefs and Michelin starred chefs went along to Taste I met Marco Pierre White, Pierre Koffman, Nathan Outlaw and the lovely Theo Randall who is always a pleasure to meet.  Highly recommend to anyone that loves food, drink and celebrity / Michelin starred chefs.


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