Kitty feed me – Cutter and Squidge presents ‘Hello Kitty’ pop-up afternoon tea experience

I went along to a Pop Up Hello Kitty event at Cutter and Squidge as my niece loves Hello Kitty. The the afternoon tea was quite expensive for both adults and children.  However you do get a lot of cakes / savouries but still does not really justify the cost especially when some of the cakes I feel was not that brilliant for instance the lychee jelly in a shape of a Hello Kitty face which was cute I must admit but however did not really have any flavour to it I felt like I was eating gelatine, the chocolate cakes was not strong in flavour, the pink Hello Kitty face biscuit just tasted like a very buttery shortbread biscuit and a few other cakes just did not meet my expectation in flavour.  However I must say though that the cheese scones was delicious and very warm, the flavoured marshmallow was delicious made my tongue tingle and I also absolutely loved the apple pie fruit tea.

The decorated room of Hello Kitty was ok with its stickers on the walls and green plastic foliage with butterflies and lights stuck in between the lights and I loved the corner table which me and my family sat at with all the Hello Kitty pillows etc which in my opinion was the best place to sit.  However one wall had nothing on it whatsoever and the music kept on cutting out and not sounding that great when on due to something not being quite right with the speakers.  The music also being played was Michael Jackson I wish they played though something Hello Kitty related or something more child like for the children. The staff also did not seem very happy and one did not seem to know answers to questions we had or fulfil our requests. For instance we asked for more strawberries for my niece as she did not want any of the cake just more  strawberries and the staff member said she would get us some but the strawberries never came. Also we asked can we take some of the cakes that we had not eaten home at the end of it and the staff member said i’m not sure about that let me check which was odd but eventually she came back with a box and placed the cakes in them but we was not allowed to keep the one in the plain inexpensive jar.

So my overall opinion of this afternoon tea experience is yes you do get lots to eat and drink and you can ask for more (but bear in mind we did with the strawberries and never came) but was the cakes really A1 not really looks yes but taste not so much and some of the staff was not exactly welcoming or happy.  I also feel that there is more child friendly / fun afternoon teas out there for a lesser price.

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