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Being Sherlock – ‘The Games A Foot’ at Madam Tussards

20170103_173838I went along back in August 2016.

The Olivier nominated creators of Alice’s Adventures Underground, Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company does THE GAMES A FOOT murder mystery style production at Madam Tussards for a limited time.

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Acting amazement – Secret Theatre various shows

Secret Theatre is a company that doesn’t seek to make a profit but create affordable and entertaining productions, contribute to charity and also support new, emerging artists?

You never know what you are going to see until you turn up that night as it is a secret, shhhhh!

Be warned though if you want to go and see a Secret Theatre production whenever they release tickets for there new productions tickets sell out very quickly. Continue reading

Hunt, discover & solve – A Door in a Wall ‘Veiled Threat’

A Door in a Wall provides numerous murder mystery games throughout the year. This year they bring a Veiled Threat.

In August I attended the Murder Mystery event Veiled Threat at The Dead Dolls House, Islington which is running for a limited time on the first Tuesday of every month. The murder mystery event was a very good and interesting one.  I loved the fact we had three levels of the Continue reading


The CopyCat by Co Lab Factory

10th October – 11th November 2018

Have you ever wanted to play detective?
Can you tell if someone is lying?
Do you have nerves of the finest steel?
Can you get out of sticky situations?
Become a detective in your own true crime mystery.

Anthony Larson has a score to settle. Following on from the kidnap and murder of his sister by a serial killer known only as the CopyCat he decides to take the law into his own hands and has a case that only you can crack.

This immersive experience will put you right in the middle of all your favourite horror films.  Inspired by true crime cases. The Copycat is part murder mystery, part nerve jangling immersive horror show, part escape room.  So put on your thinking caps, and your bravest face. Come ready to be fully immersed into a world of horrifying mystery.

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