Hunt, discover & solve – A Door in a Wall ‘Veiled Threat’

A Door in a Wall provides numerous murder mystery games throughout the year. This year they bring a Veiled Threat.

In August I attended the Murder Mystery event Veiled Threat at The Dead Dolls House, Islington which is running for a limited time on the first Tuesday of every month. The murder mystery event was a very good and interesting one.  I loved the fact we had three levels of the buildings to explore with all the characters in different rooms. Throughout you have to ask the characters questions to try and solve the case of the disappearance of a relative of theirs and what fortune lies within the family.  I cant say much without giving too much away but my best parts of night was trying to solve the mystery was interacting with the characters on the night, solving the stamp puzzle and seeing the wedding acted out at the end very funny.  On the way after solving / talking to certain characters you will be given stickers to lead you onto your next possible route / clue. I highly recommend to anyone that loves murder mysteries.  Only downside about the event is that I don’t think you get enough time to completely solve all the clues as sometimes the characters are busy talking to other hunters so have to wait in line and I also think it finishes quite late for a Tuesday night so the time it finished it was gone 10.30pm and I had to get back to Kent so I did not get home tell gone midnight so I personally would feel a Friday or Saturday night would be better to hold the event.   But as I said earlier I did enjoy it very much so I do highly recommend it.

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