Acting amazement – Secret Theatre various shows

Secret Theatre is a company that doesn’t seek to make a profit but create affordable and entertaining productions, contribute to charity and also support new, emerging artists?

You never know what you are going to see until you turn up that night as it is a secret, shhhhh!

Be warned though if you want to go and see a Secret Theatre production whenever they release tickets for there new productions tickets sell out very quickly.

Secret Theatre various shows

I love going along to Secret Theatre as you never know what you are going to see until you go along and all the plays are done very well with a slight twist to the original movie or a unique creation of there own.  I like the fact that you don’t always stay in one play either and you move around and see scenes being acted in different rooms throughout the building.

October 2016 – Code 2021 (court – murder)

There latest production was based on a murder that was committed by a famous person (made up).  A famous boxer supposedly killed their famous Olympian  girlfriend and a court scene was acted out with us the audience being the jury.  Throughout the intense realistic play you heard about how the murder may of been done and then we also saw a reinacted two scenarios of how the Olympian may of been murdered and afterwards we was allowed to look around the murder scene to give us  time to decide and think by searching for clues who or how the murder might of happened. We was all led back to the court then to state our verdict by raising our hands. This was a tense performance and really did make me feel like I was back in a real court (as I have done a real trial before on murder) bought back some horrible memories.  However there was comical moments as well as this unique court case was also as part of the story shown on American TV so a eccentric comical presenter made some performances which he presented the case in comical ways.  This particular play was definitely for people that loved anything to do with the court room.

August 2016 – From Dusk tell Dawn  (vampire movie)

This production was based on a vampire movie and even though the actors played it very well the audience ruined this production for me as too many people was laughing too much throughout the supposedly tense play.  The play was practically acted out in same way the story goes throughout the movie.

August 2015 – Long Island City (Romeo and Juliet)

Unfortunately this time around Secret Theatre I feel even the play was good the location which was in the Docklands on a Island where new buildings are being built this time round was not a ideal place to do Romeo and Juliet. I don’t think it worked well for the adaptation of the play that they performed. Also I don’t think it helped as was outside this time around and was raining that night when I went to see it.  I feel it was dangerous outside as they acted on stone gravel most of the night this I feel like was a hazard for both actors/actresses and spectators.  As when they acted out fight scenes stones flicked up near our faces, the actors arms scrapped along the gravel etc.  However the play was good and I loved the alternate story of the play and the actors / actresses never put a foot wrong when acting and remembering their lines.  I also loved the adaptation of Romeo and Juliet not your usual story had a twist to it.  Even one of the actors for that performance afterwards won a acting award.

February 2015  – Seven (based on a movie)

An adaptation of Seven and it was played very well.  It was set in a members club / pub in Hoxton and there was lots of amazing rooms with wonderful furniture and many taxidermy animals around from giraffes, zebras to tigers.  Ok now I don’t usually like taxidermy but I must admit they looked amazing and all done to top standard. However the taxidermy has nothing to do with the play it was just there at the location they used.  The play was set out over several floors and rooms.  After the first 10 minutes of the play we are all led upstairs and each of the rooms contained the people that committed the sins.  In one room there was man that had committed crime of murder of a prostitute (sexually) but only because he was forced to and he could not live with himself so he slit his wrists, a man that his sin was greed had been mutually injured and investigated by the policemen and so on.  Everyone knows how the film ends and it ends the same way.  It was just brilliant and so well done.

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