Mermaids & Mermen are real – Bompas & Parr ‘Beyond the Waterfall’

Beyond the Waterfall is a magical experience right from the start.

Beyond the Waterfall

The magic begins

Stepping through the doors of Beyond the Waterfall adventuring into Bompas & Parr latest production the magical world opens up.

Firstly you’ll be greeted upon arrival by some mermaids who set you off on your journey by giving you a bag with two shell tokens to spend on two cocktails.

You then walk through the tunnel to the mystical lake where you then are set on your journey onto a rowing boat through the alcoholic fog.

Beyond the Waterfall boat

If you can’t row like me then you might get a bit stuck and consume too much of the fog, in cases like these one of the boat men may have to come and rescue you by steering you in the right direction.

There are two ways that you can go to carry on with your journey either under the waterfall and get wet or the dry route.

Will you choose the dry or wet path?

However before doing so you are greeted by another boat person and you will have to present them one of your shell tokens which you will then be given an alcoholic drink in a small Alice in Wonderland type bottle, if you shake it you will see gold flowing through the drink as this is of course magical mermaid liquid after all.

Once you have chosen your path be it the dry or the wet route you are then greeted by a mystical man who will then explain about the magical stones that you get to choose and you get to keep.

Beyond the Waterfall choice

Which stone will you choose?

Then he will order you to say some some magical words and take a swig of your mermaid drink before carrying on with your journey.

You then enter into the bar area where you are greeted by an eccentric and glamorous man with sparkles on his face and he will explain about the mermen which you can see around you.

One can read your horoscope, one can do tarot reading and the other loves playing music and being flirted with. I had to rub down the flirty merman’s tail and lets just say he got a bit over excited. The merman that would read horoscopes got me spot on in how I am and the tarot reader found my way of shuffling a interesting and odd one he said I will come into some money so lets hope that is true as he did not get my past right.

Beyond the Waterfall merman close up

You now can just chill in the bar area and take your time whilst you admire the entertainment provided by the glamorous man that owns the mermen.

Beyond the Waterfall cocktail

Don’t forget to use your last shell token on a cocktail in the bar area as if you leave the bar you will be exiting the event. There are quite a few cocktails to choose from.

Which poison will you choose?

Beyond the Waterfall Jason, me and man

Only one disappointment and that was I would of liked to of seen some more mermaids in the bar area as I only saw two at the start and they were not wearing a fish tail like the mermen.

To find out more about Bompas & Parr and their latest upcoming events click here.

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