I love Moomins – Adventures in Moominland


This exhibition popped up 16 December 2016 and at Southbank till 23 April 2017. It is a great and unique way to learn more about Tove Jansson the author/ artist of the great Moomins and more about Moomins and the other characters that appear in her books. I loved going on the journey through Moominland clambering through a forest, sitting in a tent, huddling in a cave etc. It was so interesting to learn in this unique way that the majority of her stories and charters all was related to do with her life from romance to depression.

So if you love Moomins and like Tove Jansson I highly recommend you to go along to this uniquely displayed exhibition. There is also adult nights only if you wanted on Thursday and Fridays at 7pm but book in advance for its limited to a certain amount of people.

I enjoyed this interactive exhibition but then again I love Moomins. There is also a small shop in which you can purchase some Moomin merchandise be it measuring spoons, a toy, a mug etc.

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