Fun fun fun – Winter Wonderland

I have never been to Winter Wonderland before so this was my first year and I was seriously in wonderland wondering….

Winter Wonderland

what is round this corner,
whats in that hut,
will that ride be scary,
what type of band is playing in there,
what should I eat

I totally recommend to anyone that wants to experience what a Christmas German market is sort of like (obviously minus rides).

Winter Wonderland is great for anyone that loves rides for all you thrill seekers as most are for adults. I especially loved the Haunted House and the Pirate Boat even though they had nothing to do with Christmas.

Also great for anyone that loves German food / drink especially the sausage.

There are quite a few shows to see, an ice skating rink and the Magical Ice Kingdom which you can book all in advance at a cost. I went to the Magical Ice Kingdom and it was truly magical with its many amazing animal and human ice sculptures. I especially loved the eagle and walrus. Wrap up warm though as it is freezing in there I seriously could not feel my fingers after. Frost bite alert.

If you ever go I would recommend a whole day as there is so much to do but go with a lot of money as the rides are quite expensive for example the Haunted House cost £6 each and the food and drink can mount up.

However I for sure will be visiting again next year especially again for the Magical Ice Kingdom.

To find out more about Winter Wonderland click here.

What ride will you go on first?


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