Balls heavenly balls – ‘Gandini Juggling’ at the Peacock Theatre in Holborn

Peacock Theatre in Holborn for a few days only showing amazing performances by to see Gandini Juggling.

Gandini Juggling

It was a special edition, created for the 40th anniversary of the London International Mime Festival. 17 jugglers/performers challenge all preconceptions of juggling as they play around with apples and yet more apples. The jugglers/performers are all dressed as they have come from the 40’s era and with their hair gelled back. The whole evening consists mainly of them juggling with apples but in such a unique way with a comical aspect from performing tense relationship issues, conflict, lost love, and afternoon tea on a grand scale. I felt that some of the scenes that were acted out whilst always juggling apples was a bit too sexiest and racist however it was done in a comical way so was not meant to be taken too seriously but I do feel it could have been toned down a little. However the juggling was amazing out of this world I have never seen juggling like it with arms flinging and apples flying everywhere. The timing of how they all interacted with each other from juggling the apples together was done to such a high standard. If however say an apple does escape and fall on the floor one of the jugglers/performers makes this funny laugh sound which gets everyone in stitches as it is such a bizarre laugh. The end scene for me was the best as it was chaos. For the end scene an opera singer comes on and she sung away whilst the jugglers/performers started to throw around not just apples but also china tea cups, saucers, teapots and vases it was hectic and chaotic and lots of smashing of the china happening all around on the stage but was highly amusing. How the opera singer did not flinch or even laugh was outstanding will power. I just don’t know how she kept on singing with a straight face. Her voice was beautiful shame that sometimes her voice was over powered by all the noise from the chaos that was going on the stage and smashing of crockery. I think in that scene they were trying to recreate a wedding party scene with a dispute happening. How some of them did not get hurt though with the shattering crockery happening all around I don’t know. If you love jugglers then I would recommend in going to see this juggling play with a comical aspect. I am not really into juggling and I only went as my friends are however even they were confused what was happening sometimes but they enjoyed the juggling.

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