Spinning around fun – Cirque Du Soleil ‘Amaluna’ at Royal Albert Hall’

Firstly what a great place Royal Albert Hall is to hold such a spectacular performance of Cirque Du Soleil latest show Amaluna. Royal Albert Hall is a charming spacious round building so pretty. No matter where you sit and view the stage you will always get a great view.

I have been to many other performances before by Cirque du Soleil and like usual meeting all my expectations with great story, acrobatics, jugglers, balancing acts, air stunts, comical elements, etc. all acts so magical, mesmerising and most acts takes your breath away.


Amaluna is about a ship wreck that happens and these sailors end up stranded on a mystical island full of creatures and females. One of the young females has just reached adult hood and has never come across a man before and she ends up falling in love with one Romeo and her mother also ends up falling in love with the captain. Through the play to set up a new scene and equipment the mother and the captain (modern type clowns) act out a comical love chasing/teasing scenes. One of the scenes they acted out in my personal opinion went on far too long and got a bit boring but their acts are funny. All the technical circus acts were stunning visually and amazing to watch. Only technical circus act I did not like much was the balancing one where she was making a boat frame up in my opinion it went on far too long with her picking up bits of wood with her feet. The costumes and scenery is outstanding and stunning. The music that is played is easy to listen to and the lightening makes everything from the music to the acts seem even more magical. I would highly recommend in seeing this spectacular show as it is full of colour and talent and will leave you blown away in amazement.

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