Balls, Balls, Balls and yet more balls – BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow

BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow I went along to their press night to celebrate their new ball pit which was balltastic. They have recently rebranded themselves with new clear balls 250k in fact that change colour due to the LED lighting under the 10k floor that pulsate in time with the DJ spinning out funk and ragged house music.  This was my first ever time in an adult ball pit and I do mean ever and boy I loved it. Forget about swimming in water go and try and swim in a ball pit instead.  You can have so much fun with the balls from jumping into them whichever way you desire, try to swim in them, walk or should I say hike in them, hide amongst the balls, dance, juggle with a ball or two, play with them, throw them around or why its winter try and do a perhaps a ‘Ball (snow) Angel’ move.

BallieBallerson also sells unique cocktails with them all being named after planets. I especially loved the the cocktail Saturn which did not just taste good but also came with added fun a helium balloon, Pluto that is bedazzled with glitter and then I loved the look of Mars that is set on fire. There are so many unique cocktails all with fun elements to choose from with them costing around £10 each. The cocktail bar is also fun with it’s plasma balls hanging above and the glow in the dark murals that are charged with UV light and the cocktail men are lush too.  

This place is most definitely fantastic for a mini party celebration or just for a pure fun get together.

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