Cocktail experience – Remy Martin pop up bar

I went along to Remy Martin pop up as I attended a special event.  The first sight I come across is a display of bottles of drink all of which have been displayed really nicely with lights shinning on around them.  After signing in at the reception area I then move into the a dark small bar area and was greeted by a lovely bartender.  I chose a cocktail with rhubarb in.  It looked pretty with its pink colouring and tasted sweet and was smooth on the tongue. Afterwards I then headed on down the stars to another bar area but before entering the door into the next bar area I saw a photobooth which you could take a selfie of yourself, well that had to be done obviously who does not like taking selfies these days.  Once I had my fun in taking many retakes of my face trying to get a nice pic which I kept failing to achieve I moved on into the other bar area which was much bigger than the one upstairs and had plenty of seats all around the room and comfy sofa type ones.  We all eventually was called up to the bar area to create a cocktail made with Remy Martin and plenty of ice.  Seriously when I mean plenty of the ice the whole glass was filled with ice. The cocktail making itself I would not say was the cocktail making I was expecting I was looking forward to shake, shake, shake but alas it was just us pouring in drink measures into a small measuring flask then into the glass of ice.  So in that respect the hype of what I thought I was going to be doing was a big let down.  However the bartenders that taught us how to pour some drink into the flasks/glass were very nice and amusing and made the night. Throughout their time whilst up and running they are laying on various special events such as Paul A Young the chocolatier teaching about his chocolates to a Bond girl called Rosamund Pike discussing her journey and success with her film career.


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