Pop Up celebrity chef event – Whole Foods: Skrei cod night with Michel Roux

Whole Foods is a large inside food outlet which sells all sorts from various different rices, nuts, fresh vegetables, fish, crockery, etc. Upstairs are several restaurants selling hot pulled pork sandwiches to Chinese cuisine.

Certain times throughout the year Whole Foods lay on special events.  I went along to the Skrei Supper Club one that was hosted by the great Michel Roux Jr. who is a Michelin starred chef. Upon the table there are recipe cards and a cardboard VR unit which you could keep and place your mobile in to experience what it might be like if you were a fishermen fishing for Skrei cod in Norway.  You had to download a VR 360 video footage to experience it.

To start the night off firstly Michel Roux Jr. explains all about the fishing in Tromsø which is Norway’s most northerly city.  Skrei cod can be fished in the seas near Tromsø between January to April. Modern day Vikings boats go out and catch the fish. The fish have to be cut and bled in a special way Michel explains otherwise if it is done wrongly it then is just classed as a standard cut of cod. Skrei cod is called Skrei cod due to its muscles because of the long journey they have encountered. The fish flesh also is more firmer and meaty.  The fish once cooked flakes apart and is a dazzling white. Because of its amazing meatiness and appearance is it best served simply pan fried as Michel Roux Jr. explains.

On the night all of us diners were served via waiters/waitresses and Michel Roux Jr..  First dish being the ‘Miso-glazed Skrei, Carrot and Ginger Puree and Crispy Kale’ which the cod just flaked away and literally melted in the mouth. The carrot and ginger puree and crispy kale gave the cod a sweet tangy edge but without overpowering the cod flavour away from our pallets. After we had finished our first dish Michel Roux Jr. done a small cookery demonstration and showed how Skrei cod should be simply cooked with a little oil in a hot frying pan.  Next it was onto the second and last course.  This was ‘Stewed Skrei with Cannellini Beans and Chorizo’ again the fish just flaked away and looked spectacular with it’s bright white colour against the beans, vegetables and chorizo sauce that it was laying upon.  White wine was also served throughout the evening.

Lastly Michel Roux Jr. done a Q&A session where we all asked many questions about Skrei cod and other questions such as what is his food hell etc. Plus he also had time for all of us to thank him for his time and for us to have a photo op with him if we wanted one. Which off course I totally did as it is Michel Roux Jr. after all one of the top class chefs in Britain.

The night was highly enjoyable and this was the first time I had ever tasted Skrei cod or even really heard about it to be honest plus it was such a unique way to experience Michel Roux Jr. cooking and talking about such a high quality product. I will deffinately be looking out in the future for Skrei cod and looking out for other events run by Whole Foods.

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