Code your cocktail – The Bletchley

I feel privileged and I and others from Love Pop Ups London had to the pleasure to attend a soft launch of Lollipops new bar called The Bletchley.

The Bletchley the wartime cocktail bar

Upon entering the bar I was blown away as I really did feel like I had travelled back into time back to the war with it’s dark lit atmosphere and the noise of air raid sirens going off and everyone dressed in war time uniforms.  Everyone is given a war jacket to wear to make making people feel like your in the war down in a bar basement.

Which Agent name will you be given?

All agents (drinkers) are asked to choose their favourite colour. My favourite colour is pink so I was called ‘Agent Pink’ for the night. Now onto the fun part of ordering my cocktail.

Cocktails by code

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For my first cocktail I had to solve a code mainly by using the initials of my name using a electronic enigma machine then you had to decide which smell out of the numbered test tubes that had liquid in them was your favourite then writing down that number. There was so many different smells and some I could not decode the smell but all smelt really nice. I chose a citrus smelling one as I just love citrus fruits. You then can call the operator to give over your unique code. The drink is then created based on your code and the chosen smell you chose. All drinks are unique and created upon your code and smell so will never be the same. My drink contained Rosemary, Cardamon pods, Ginger, Redcurrent and Rum which was so sweet and tangy it really did make my taste buds explode and tingle with sheer delight.  It was so delicious and wish I could have ordered another however the good thing is that you get given a envelope with your Agent name on it and inside is listed the ingredients of your unique cocktail so you could technically create it again at home plus inside the envelope was yet another code to solve to get your next cocktail.  Again once you get through to the phone operator you read of your code and this time she asks what is your chosen country so I chose Malta as I am half Maltease. Alas though I will never know what my second created cocktail would of been as you only get 2 hours in the The Bletchley bar but then again this was a soft launch.


Improvements need making

Drinks took far too long to create and be served. Even though I loved The Bletchley and I would love to go back I don’t think I would rush back until they have sorted out the timing better and possibly making the coding a bit easier.

However I and other members of Love Pop Ups London we did all have a blast at the The Bletchley so I do highly recommend to anyone to go and check this bar out as you really will be blown away.

Click here to find out more about The Bletchley and to book your shelter for the night.

Bletchley the Love Pop Ups gang pose

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