Murder of the future – How to Solve a Problem like Murder

I went to this production last year (see my previous review) and thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought I would return but alas the whole story seemed pretty much the same and the actors / actresses were no where near as good as last years and the dancing seemed a bit stiff not.  However this was the preview night so hopefully they will improve.  The boy and girl (man and lady) that guide you throughout your journey was really good especially the man playing the boy as he was the same actor as last year and he played his character wonderfully.  I left half way through this production as it really did feel the same to me but my friend who I bumped into at the production text me the murderer and victim at the end and the outcome was different.  If you have not seen this production I would say go and see it as the story is interesting and I do love the way the boy and girl guide you around and give you hints etc. and the dancing is good fun to watch.

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