Beautiful lush heavenly scented products – Button & Wilde

Button & Wilde was a pop up shop that popped up in London for just two days in 2017.  Firstly I love their lovely cute logo of a hedgehog and a squirrel so adorable.  The pop up shop of theirs was decorated out beautifully with a painting of a pink blossom tree and cones of a tree hanging around and some plant foliage laid around here and there between the productions they were selling.  The smell also as you went inside is so lush it really does make you feel like you are in a field of flowers and citrus fruits.  There was a few examples of their hand cream besides the counter that you could example and all smelled wonderful and the cream itself was so silky, smooth and lush really did not make your hands feel greasy after whatsoever like some products do and it tried quite quickly but still left your hands smelling lush and feeling silky smooth. All their products you can buy online and even have the label decorated to how you like with your own photo or even a message placed on them and with it still looking professional definitely a good idea for a personalised gift.

I believe since writing this they are now no longer in business.

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