An explosive escape room – Mission: Breakout

Mission: Breakout is an exceptional real-life escape game that is based in the borough of Camden in Central London. It is a fully immersive game that takes place in South Kentish Town’s old disused tube station which closed back in 1924.

Mission: Breakout

The Ghost Tube Station

Upon going down the stairs to the escape room we came across old black and white photographs showing people that used this underground station as a shelter when World War II was happening. The photos made me feel emotionally sad inside and made me think back to how people must of felt back then in that era when the bombs were going off.

Let the mission begin

Upon entering the entrance door we are greeted by the host and was briefed and given World War II style jackets to wear.  We are then left in the small study type room to watch a short video in which a Winston Churchill lookalike gives a speech. After the video we are then led by the host to the escape room which at this point we get locked in and had to escape within 60 minutes. There were several rooms that we went through all highly decorated within keeping with the war theme and sounds that are played through the rooms giving a unique eerie atmosphere.  Without giving too much away all I will say is that you have to hunt down clues,  solve many puzzles and decode many different style enigma machines.  We escaped the rooms and the won the war with just over 5 minutes remaining on the clock.

Victory is sweet

We were then led to the victory room and we are all given a can of drink as a award.  The victory room is decorated up in how the underground would of looked like when it was being used as a shelter back in the war with bunk beds, gas masks and metal hats hanging up everywhere.  We had fun posing in the beds and playing with the gas masks and hats but at the same time it made me think how terrible and scary it must have been for those poor unfortunate people that went through that awful time.
The whole escape room is not just brilliant and very well themed but very historic as well.  You will need to use your mind, have good communication, time management and play as a team to solve the series of puzzles, clues and coding challenges. Teams of 3 to 6 players can play this escape room.
I would highly recommend this mission to family, friends and work colleagues to go along and play as this escape room is very different to other games and really historical as the whole story is set upon the war age.

How to book

To find out more about Mission: Breakout or to book a room click here.


Thank you to Mission Breakout for letting me and a few others from Love Pop Ups London community come along to explode this room. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion. 

Click below to read the blogs/reviews from the other community members that joint me to decode our way to victory. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Mission: Breakout

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