Curiouser and curiouser – The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is a must to visit if you love all things odd, weird and totally wacky.  Ground floor has a bar area and some stuffed taxidermy animals with some being a bit odd like a cat with wings. From the bar area you can order cocktails and food with some being very bizarre from chocolate worms to cockroaches.  Downstairs this place makes me get even more curious with yet even more wackier and stranger with taxidermy frogs playing cards, a gold skull hippo head, Russel Brands pubes, Kylie Minogues pooh, little people made out of dust, creepy looking dolls, etc. in every nook and cranny there was something very unusual to discover.

Certain dates throughout the year they do art classes, talks etc. plus they also have Tim from a petting zoo that comes down to show off his snakes, spiders, cockroaches, lizards, etc.  I fell in love with Professor Green one of his snakes. The snake was so beautiful and had such a lovely loving manner I can’t explain why but it really did.  I will most certainly be going back to see Professor Green.

Highly recommend to anyone that wants to see a vast array of curiosities and concur any fears you might have over spiders and snakes and other creepy crawlies.

Find out more  about The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities by clicking here.

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