Clues and more clues – Agent November

Murder Mr E takes place in a corner of a pub that is taped off as a crime scene.  We were invited to dine with the renowned detective, Mr E. However unfortunately when me and my team from ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ arrive we discover that Mr E has been murdered.  It is then up to me a newly recruited agent and my other newly recruited agents (my team) to find the killer otherwise we might be next and loose our lives.

Within the closed off crime scene in which we are only allowed into, we had to solve the crime of who Murdered Mr E from the guests he was hosting a party for within 60 minutes.  All around the crime scene in every nook and cranny literally there are many clues to be discovered and be had and many locked boxes to be decoded and unlocked.  Without giving too much away all I have to say is there is a lot of items to be found and a lot of boxes to open so keep your eyes peeled and seriously look everywhere.  Unfortunately me and the blogger community from ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ even though we thought we cracked the case within the 60 minutes we came to the wrong conclusion so alas we drank the wrong drink and all died of poisoning as we did not find the antidote.

I absolutely loved this game with it’s many clues all hidden around everywhere and it was very exciting and challenging especially trying to figure which clue is related to which locked boxes etc.  Tip is have good communication skills and think logically.  The only downside is I feel is that the area for a group of seven is a bit too cramped we was literally clambering over each other.  However apart from that I do highly recommend this to anyone that loves solving puzzles and murders as it is extremely good fun.

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