Murder at Leeds Castle – BlackWatch Entertainment Murder on the Home Front

Leeds Castle is set in Maidstone not in London but I just had to write up about this pop up Murder Mystery event ‘Murder on the Home Front’ that I went along to this April which was performed by BlackWatch Entertainment.

Leeds Castle

Staying at Leeds Castle

I wanted to make the most of the night so me and my husband Jason we booked booked a stay at Leeds Castle in the converted stables.  I love animals so this is why I chose the stables over the actual castle in which you can stay in.  The castle is very grand and maybe next time I will stay there.  The stable room we had overlooked the lake so I could see many birds from ducks to swans.  The room also was a very spacious double and very nicely decorated. There was also complimentary snacks with some good old British tea and coffee on hand.The Castle 

The evening

When it came to the evening me and my husband walked down the pathway to the castle and the night started with a cocktail reception (gin and elder flower fizz) and a private tour of the castle rooms where I learnt about the love of birds that Lady Baillie was very fond of.  This now makes sense of why all rooms consist of birds in some way or another. I loved this fact and the rooms as I myself also have a big passion for birds. I assume this is also the reason why the grounds is flocked with so many different birds from Swans to Peacocks.  After the grand tour it was then onto the main event.

BlackWatch – Murder on the Home Front

A murder in the castle? who done it?

The murder takes place in 1942 and when the war is raging above.  A charity gala is being held to raise money for the war effort but it’s not all as it seems.  A diamond necklace is stolen and the poor Lord Oswald the chronic gambler is murdered.  It is from that point us sleuths are led into the banquet area of where King Henry VIII used to hold lavish banquets.  After the starters an act is played out by the professional actors/actresses and some by us the paying characters.  I was one of the lucky ones to have a part of Anna the famous Ballerina I had to read my script out after the main meal.  I was highly nervous but after doing it I highly enjoyed it.  Throughout the evening there were many innuendos and flirting going on throughout the whole murder mystery play which made the whole night an extremely funny one.  After the three course meal we were then put into groups to solve the crimes.  We managed to figure out who committed the murder but so did many other super sleuths so there was a tie breaker which involved each team performing a sing song of who they thought was the murderer.  Alas though even though we guessed right we did not win the overall tie breaker so we did not gain the prize.


I highly recommend BlackWatch Murder on the Home Front as it was such fun. Some people on the night even get parts to act out and I was one of the lucky ones which made it even more special. I even came away from the event with a few extra friends.

If you have never been to Leeds Castle this is most certainly one of the most prettiest castles in the Kent area.  It has been owned by various people such as King Henry VIII and Lady Baillie.  I highly recommend to anyone to go along and see the castle as there is not just the castle to be seen but there is so much more to be seen or to do from walking through the lovely well kept gardens, feeding many birds, walking through a maze which has a surprise grotto in the middle, watch a falconry display,  ride on a segway,  play some golf, etc. there is just so much to be had in Leeds Castle grounds.


I myself done the segway tour ( during the day before my murder mystery evening and I can totally say it highly is worth it so much fun and great views to be had of Leeds Castle. You even get a chance to scoot on down a long pathway with the segway to reach its max limit of 12.5 miles per hour slightly scary but what a rush.

To find out about about future upcoming events at Leeds Castle click here.

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