Let’s score a hole in one – Junkyard Golf

Junkyard Golf earlier on this year (2017) was re-branded with four complete new nine hole courses all like last time with weird stuff, crazy courses and full of amusing puns.  The courses are called Pablo (Polluted Tropical Paradise), Bozo (Circus Fun), Gary (Scrapyard Challenge) and Bruce (Movie Mash-up).

Junkyard Golf


I played two of the courses Pablo and Bruce. The reason I done those two courses over the others that night is because Pablo appealed to me as I love animals and Bruce as I love movies.

Along my jungle adventure whilst playing Pablo I encountered various animals lurking amongst the courses from bears to monkeys and many tropical birds. All the holes were a hoot and made me roar with laughter. I particularly loved the tree house set in the middle of the course where you could stop off and have a drink. I felt like I was Jane in Tarzans house. I was the Queen (King) of the Jungle at the end of this wild adventure as I beat my husband on this wild course.


When it came to playing course Bruce this really did take my mind back to past movies that I love. Me and my husband blasted our way through the course getting thrown in jail at ‘Shawshank Redemption’, encountering a man eating beast from ‘Jurassic Park’, swinging and singing along to the ‘Jungle Book’ with Jason (my husband) singing in particular this line “Now I’m the king of the swingers, the jungle V.I.P” as he lost the first course Pablo and wanted to beat me, with so many more great movie courses to blast are way through. Unfortunately Jason won this course so the singing paid off for him as he did become the King of the swingers on that one. 

After playing the courses we then went along to grab a drink and snack from one of the many stands. There are four bars that you can get a drink from all serving crazy cocktails like ‘Golf Lundgren’ and ‘Who’s Your Caddy’ plus you can also buy some tasty junk food from hot dogs, nachos and popcorn.

So if golf makes your feel Happy like ‘Happy Gilmore’ and you love having a great laugh I would highly recommend to go along with your ‘Friends’. These courses truly are a ‘Fairway to Heaven’ and with all its weirdness you will feel like a ‘Golf Punk’ as this really does teach your golf skills.

Go along and knock a hole in one as this certainly is a No.1 crazy golf course that can be had in London.

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