Can we fix Roy? yes we can – Handmade Mysteries: Poppa Plocks

Handmade Mysteries new game Poppa Plocks has to be one of the best escapology  games that you can play that is based in London’s Caledonian Road.

Firstly you wait in the bar area for the host of Poppa Plocks and then comes marching in comes was this toy solider called Wynn (a man dress as a solider). He was a very bubbly solider with a lot of character and humour.  We all then marched on behind Wynn to be led into this dark room called the Wonky Workshop which looked so creepy. Wynn gave us some torches to help us see though. From start to finish this escape room never failed to wow me with it’s very unique and different puzzles to solve but all had to be done in a certain order which is totally different to how other escape rooms are done but still with the 60 minute time limit.

The story was that the toy maker had mysteriously vanished and we were required to help Wynn finish of building Roy a new toy that the toy maker had finished completing.  Each section we completed we retrieved a piece of Roy’s body to build him back together. Without giving too much else away I must say there is quite a lot of surprises some scary ones and great ones and rather rude ones. Throughout our game the rather scary looking ventriloquist dummy which I must admit for some bizzare reason reminded by of Pee Wee Herman helped us along the way by giving us a tale after completing each puzzle section and he also helped us when we got really stuck by giving us a clue or two.  However sometimes he was quite hard to hear as he was set behind a glass panel. We escape the room though with 8 minutes and 18 seconds left and in a way I was quite sad to leave the wonderfully wacky room behind and the ever so funny Wynn it is definitely one escape room that I will never forget.

I highly recommend this escape room to anyone that loves toys, creepiness, humour, building, great puzzles and team work.

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