Ice cream galore – Bompas & Parr: My Extraordinary Life

Bompas & Parr had a pop up event which happened at Noho Studios in London on the Friday 19 May 2017 which they called My Extraordinary Life. The reason they put on this event as it was their mission that day to find the greatest ice cream photographer.

My Extraordinary Life displays

Ice cream we all scream ice cream at My Extraordinary Life pop up

I went downstairs when it was my time slot and entered in a room full of different colour pastels. Every corner had many different objects to use to display my ice cream from a volcanic mountain to a vase. At the event you could slurp and indulge as much ice cream as you wanted. The three flavours that was offered on my session was Salted Caramel, Green Tea and Raspberry whirl.  Without my eyes getting bigger than my belly I held resistant and only had two ice creams throughout the night as not forgetting this was not really about eating ice cream even though Häagen-Dazs is delicious it was about photography.


I chose to have a large salted caramel ice-cream firstly and sprinkled with blue balls and white chocolate shaves and used many objects to display my creation from the plastic ice-cream mound to a vase.


The next ice-cream I had was the raspberry whirl I decorated it with pink sherbet and some white shavings and thought more outside the box and placed it in the teapot spout and named it ‘brewing an ice cream‘ however thinking back now I wish I used the green tea. Neverless my photo WON that session so I got to have my face 3D scanned and it will eventually be re-created into a bespoke Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar which I can’t wait to see. See my winning photo at the top of this page.

My Extraordinary Life 3D image of me

To see everyone else’s creations of the night go to #MyExtraordinaryLife


My Extraordinary Life was a unusual pop up but a very sweet one. So much ice cream to eat and make into art displays using many different props which was dotted around the room from teapots to volcano mountains. I hope that this event returns next year as it was such fun and got people’s creative juices running. Chillingly brilliant.

Bompas & Parr’s events are always amazing and always leave me speechless.

To find out more about upcoming Bompas & Parr events click here.

Which ice cream flavour would you of chose?

Bompas & Parr

My face arrived

I received my face made out of ice-cream on 16 June 2017 and I posted about it on Instagram and Twitter. See below:

My Extraordinary Life me as a lollipop

It was licking good. However it was just vanilla flavoured ice cream and covered in milk chocolate. I don’t know why it was not made in my favourite ice cream flavour in which I requested at time of winning but neverless looked and tasted great.

How many people can actually say they have had their face made out of ice cream and licked their own faces?

It also came with a mould so I can recreate my face in ice cream if I so desired. 


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