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London Cabaret Club this 2017 has started doing cabaret acts on the most famous British icon and that is James Bond.

You can either go along to watch the acts on stage along with friends and just enjoy drinks at a table or you can go along and watch the entertainment along with a three course meal.

James Bond at London Cabaret Club

Me and my husband Jason went along and purchased the package to have a three course meal at this club.



Before entering the stage area we had a few drinks in the bar lounge. Whilst doing so we listened to some great remixes of the James Bond themes that neither of us have ever heard and they were really good.

London Cabaret Club puts on James Bond

When we walked through the doors to the stage area we saw a large central stage in the middle and suttle pink lighting all around.

We was entertained throughout the evening with amazing Bond themed music and entertainment such as acrobatics and various dancing by some very sexy Bond girls and sexy men portraying to be Bond . They all performed spectacularly throughout the night and some of the singers were exceptional.

Even though I enjoyed the entertainment I did feel at times when there was intervals that the James Bond music should of carried on throughout but other than that they played normal music which did not make sense to me. Also in the brochure it mentions about taking you on a 4D experience but I don’t see what was supposed to be 4D experience as there was no wind being blown at us nor water being splashed at us so I am a bit confused in that respect.

The food

The food throughout the night I was really impressed with though I must admit especially considering food at nightclubs or cabarets or even cruises are not always that great due to the vast number of people they have to cook for.  For starters it was salmon on a blini. However it was supposed to be large blini but it was more like a mini one but nerveless was very nice along with crab on the side. The main was a guinea fowl it was exceptionally nice and moist. The dessert was a Black Forest Gateaux which was great and I don’t usually like Black Gateaux.


With all that said I would recommend this cabaret club if you love cabaret, love acrobatics, love glamour, love dancers, love singers and of course James Bond.

To find out more about London Cabaret Club click here.

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