Hint Hunt

I went along to this game with 9 others and we split into two teams and both played identical rooms. We all played the JM’s office escape room. So the challenge was on in who could escape the room first in the quickest time.

You are locked in the room for 60 minutes and the hunt is on. There is so many objects to look at and open from secret compartments to padlocks with one or two objects being red herrings as well along the way. Some puzzles you really do need to think outside the box and literally hunt every nook and cranny as there might be a key or two hiding away. More or less all the puzzles lead onto another clue to eventually escaping the room. What I also loved about this room was that there was a murder mystery story which in my opinion made the room even more fun especially in reading about the suspects etc. Throughout the game you are observed via a member of staff and so at certain intervals if they feel you are really getting stuck they will put up a hint on the TV screen that is in the main first room which you start of being locked in.

This is a great fun escape room especially if you love lots of puzzles and cracking codes to locks really does get you using your brain. A great way to spend an hour with friends.

Highly recommended!!