Immersive food adventurous mystery – Gingerline: Chamber of Flavours v2

Gingerlines newest Chamber of Flavours V2 is a great multi roomed immersive dining experience.

Chamber of Flavours V2

I travelled through four very different rooms all with a lot of immersive activity to get involved in. You are not allowed to give too much away without spoiling the suspense and surprise of each room to future travellers. All I can really say is that the rooms are decorated very well with a lot of imagination has gone into them and the actors all play their roles with great professionalism and brings humour to all the rooms. For me the best dining rooms are most certainly the first room and the last room highly comical. For the food I personally did not like the starters which you get in the second room. In fact I could not even eat it but all the other food on offer throughout the magical journey was good I especially loved the dessert as so tangy and a bit different I wish I had another to eat.

Last years Chamber of Flavours V1

However I can give you an idea of what last years was like as that has been and gone.  In the first room you are taken into a forest situation and told a story and eat from little baubles that hanged from the trees, the second room there was a crash test dummy in which I married and I had to copy everything he done and the soup came out of the engine above, the next situation we was all in a big blue ball pit with a drunken sailor in a boat in the middle was so fun especially when the storm happened, the next room we was all sat around a large table in a medieval castle and we was all treated like royalty whilst the Lady of the Manor ushered her servant around to serve us and then finally we boarded a plane  (well ish) with a very flirty air hostess (man dressed as a woman) who was being very sexually flirty with the captain on the phone when we was taking off and landing with us then finally disembarking down a slide and out of the Chamber of Flavours.  For me personally I preferred Chamber of Flavours V1 but V2 is still great though. You can also now see clipetts on Gingerline’s website of last years adventour.

So if you have never been on a Gingerline experience before then I highly recommend this to anyone that loves food, mystery and immersive theatre as you certainly get all of those with Gingerline: Chamber of Flavours V2.

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