Baaarilliant escape room – clueQuest PLAN52

I went along courtesy of clueQuest to play the PLAN52 and I really was highly surprised in how much fun it was. There are quite a few different type rooms you can play at the clueQuest location. We chose to play PLAN52 as this is the first escape room that is recommended to play at clueQuest as this is the first part of an on-going story that carries on throughout all the other escape rooms in which you can play.


The story

PLAN52 is a top secret room where spies run their covert operation from. However, something terrible had happened: four of the agents who were stationed there have vanished without a trace. We as a team had to prove that this was the work of a double agent. Furthermore, Mr Q suspects that the evil Professor BlackSheep helped the double agent to cover his tracks. It was up to us to solve the identity of the double agent. But the double cross traitor has reset the security device of the facility and within 60 minutes the facility will self destruct. So it’s up to us from the moment we set foot into the room to not just solve who the double agent was but also to deactivate the device before the entire facility explodes. There are in fact 4 Plan52 rooms so you can get four teams all competing against each other to see who is the fastest.

The room

I went along with a group of bloggers friends so in all there was two teams each consisting of 5 people each. Onto the room the puzzles were great some challenging and some not so challenging and so many locks to decode and unlock.  All the puzzles were superbly thought out and the story of the whole game was great and made it more of a pleasure to play as most escape rooms lack a story.  Without giving too much away about the room the cutest part of the whole mission for me was finding the mouse hole and the most entertaining part was the big red box with ropes coming out of it.


To make it more entertaining and as a thank you to all my bloggers/reviewers who follow me and contribute to my group the fastest team to escape the room I gave away a bottle of Moet Champagne to the winners.  My team and the other team escaped solving the traitor and disarming the bomb within the 60 minutes. Team 2 though was fastest and did not even need any clues throughout their time in the room so they won the champagne. However they shared it with all of us which was kind.


I love the waiting area and the book in which you can doodle in and stick your team photo in plus by doing this you are entered into a competition to win another game with them.  You can also grab a drink of water whilst waiting and everyone gets to keep a photo after of their team and if you are really fast like team 2 you get a fridge magnet made for each of you to keep.

We all enjoyed playing PLAN52 and we will definitely return to play the next room in sequence to the ongoing story. Fantastic fun highly recommend.

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Thanks to clueQuest for the experience and for having me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to play PLAN52. The experience was complimentary but all views is my own honest opinion. 

Click below  to read the blogs and / or reviews from the other community members that joint me on the day. All their views are of their own honest opinion.  

clueQuest: PLAN52

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