Who was the murderer? – Death of the King

The Death of the King is based in the basement of an abandoned rug factory, deep under the streets of London, where a psychologically-thrilling immersive experience awaited.

Death of the King

The story was based on a murder/disappearance of Rusty.  The mystery had never really been investigated properly and solved.  The ravings of his previous housemate, Alex was dismissed as he was classed as a ‘madman’ and confined to the asylum.  So Rusty became a vague memory and a forgotten secret, until now…

The investigation has reopened and it was now our mission to clear the name of one of Rusty’s old acquaintance Jack.  Jack’s used to be a rock star and has required our help to clear his name and image.  It was up to me and my friends to look back what happened 33 years ago.  We were transported back in time and watched events that happened that night from arguments to drug taking and learning about what happened that night.  After the interval we could then speak to the suspects and question them on anything to do with that night.  We had to unlock secrets, expose lies, and try to seek the truth about what really happened plus we could also explore the people’s rooms for clues but bare in mind you are in someone’s dorm so respect them and their area.  The whole experience lasted nearly 3 hours but I never got bored just more inquisitive.

To solve this mystery you need to be highly engaging, great at acting and listening.  All the actors/actresses made the whole experience feel very real I really did feel like I was in amongst real drug addicts and people with various issues.

This really is a murder mystery like no other, and definitely not for the faint hearted but highly entertaining and really does make you think about life and how lucky we are not to be like those that have a harder life.

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