Horror gortastic – Peacock Theatre: Horror

Shock horror! Horror is the most spine-tingling most intense knife edged horror show that I have ever seen played out at any theatre “Oh yes, there will be blood”.

Jakop Ahlbom’s show is full of dance, mime, acrobatics and magical illusion making this the most truly outstanding but unsettling piece of theatre keeping you the edge of your seat all the time.

SPOILER ALERT from this point on…..


Even though the main stage does not really change that did not matter.  The main stage is set out as a living room and behind up some stairs there is a kitchen area but this room changes only once for one scene to a bathroom area.  The story is about a lady who returns to revisit her deserted home in where she once grew up.  She brings along two of her male friends on the trip “Think you’re alone? Think again”.  However something terrible had happened to the woman’s sister here, and sooner rather than later the ghost of her sister soon makes herself known “Who will survive and what will be left of them?“. The whole play shows supernatural scenes of the females brutal childhood from start to finish with many horror moments from mysteriously moving objects to murders.  Most moments were taken from past horror movies for example the possessed and crawling sawn off hand ‘Evil Dead II’, Sadako from ‘The Ring’, the spider walk and 360 head turn  in the ‘The Exorcist’ along with hints from other films such as ‘The Shining’ and ‘Oculus’.  The ghost of her sister is not the only ghost to appear as the ghosts of her parents also appear.  The whole play shows that the two females had a very strict Christian upbringing with her sister always being whipped for misbehaving which eventually she is murdered by her own parents “Forgive me father, for I am sin”. Eventually throughout the play after many spine shining moments possessions happen and murders of her friends take place “Ding dong. You’re dead.” She is now left alone with her ghost family and possessed dead bodies of her friends whom try to kill her.  At this point a pair of newlyweds arrive looking for a place to shelter but I bet they wished they never discovered the house. They find the young lady crying in a cupboard all upset and they try to comfort her but this is then eventually interrupted when the dead friends and the ghosts come out to play and you guessed it eventually they also come to a grizzly death.  The last scene shows you the young lady and her ghost sister walking off but did she die I am unsure this is the only part of the play I was confused about.  All the acting is mimed no talking whatsoever but this did not matter as it really did not need it and in fact probably made the whole play even more creepier and scarier especially when the young dead sister played by Gwen Langenberg who creaks, ticks and whirrs like an insect as she jerks and scuttles around the stage. 

This show is only on for a short run (23 May to 10 June) which is a pity as I would of gone and SAW it again as I am a massive horror fan.  So my advice is to you if you are a massive horror fan yourself then this is the most certainly the best horror play that you can ever see at a theatre so go and see it don’t miss it before it vanishes.

“If this movie doesn’t make your skin crawl … it’s on too tight”

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