Who done it? – Aftermath

Aftermath is a escape game that comes to you, an immersive game that is great for small or large groups. You just choose the venue and they will come to you. Cost depends on the size of your group.  We chose to hold it in a pub in Clapham called the Railway Tavern to play the game in there space upstairs which was very roomy and had plenty of tables. It is a great size room for a  good size meeting of people. The pub is also just literally a few minutes away from Clapham North station.  It is a lovely pub and even has a few tables outside. They also sell food. I had the triple cooked chips and they were very crunchy and fluffy.


The story

Aftermath story was based on an political conspiracy so you will be working under the Ministry. You get a message and states that the reporter Emilia Sarnowska has been murdered and it is our job to solve the who murdered her?


Let the hunting begin

We enter into the room and there is a suitcase along with many black gloves to wear as not to contaminate the evidence. My hands though got very sweaty wearing them as was a very hot day so I did not much enjoy wearing these gloves. We are shown some video footage that explains about Emilias death and how we have to save the world.  The timer then starts and we have just 1 hour and 30 minutes to solve all the clues that are within the room and luggage. Will me and my community (team) crack the puzzles in time to solve who murdered Emilia and save the world? The puzzles for me personally was a tad hard and lots of them involved cracking codes so I sat back and took photos instead of the team. You are not allowed to take photos usually but I got permission. My team worked together however sometimes communication did slack but everyone enjoyed themselves and managed to crack the clues and solved the mystery with literally 10 minutes to spare. However as for the story and why or how Emilia was murdered we did not score greatly as we are given a test at the end of who, why and how. We scored just 5 out of 15 on that front but neverless they still saved the world. I still enjoyed the experience though even though I sat back and watched others.

If you don’t like being locked in a room but love to crack and solve puzzles with a large group of friends or colleagues then this is a great game to have come to a location you desire.

To find out more about Aftermath click here.


Thanks to Aftermath for the experience and letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community play your thrilling game. The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion. 

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the other community members that joint me on the day. All their views are of their own honest opinion.


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