See, smell, sound what a sensory escape room – Other World Escapes in Southampton

After returning from my cruise holiday from Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Independence of the Seas I just had to check out this new Other World Escapes which is a new escape room that has just opened up in Southampton (July 2017).

The owner Gareth was very welcoming and has made this whole new escape room by himself with more rooms with different stories to be added.  His present escape room Mayan Temple and his future ones will put all your senses to the challenge, communication is vital, logic is needed the rooms will put you to the ultimate test in his very fully immersive, story-driven, sensory escape room games. Every escape room challenge you are just given 60 minutes to find clues, crack codes and solve various puzzles to gain the story ending and escape.

The room that is up and running at present is called Mayan Temple which you have to solve the mystery and secrets of the ancient Mayan temple, praise the Gods and find the Elixir of life before the Syndicate finds you. As soon as we stepped through the doors to the room me and my husband were hit immediately by the smell of chocolate as this was one of the items being exported.  There are many clues to be read, puzzles to crack, codes to be unlocked and many padlocks to unlock giving this room a vast range of challenges and fun to be had.  The diary that is found later in the room helps with solving the codes to unlock some of the padlocks and this is basically your lifeline. In the second and final room there was once again many codes and locks to crack open but this time there were several physical skill set puzzles to be had which made us feel we were in The Crystal Maze. I won’t give too much away but they are all so unique and I have never seen anything else like it used in any other escape rooms I have done. I especially loved the smelling challenge to crack one of the padlocks code.  How good is your nose? Near the end if you are doing well one of your team has to sacrifice themselves to the gods who will you sacrifice to escape the temple and win the game?  To read the backstory of this room go to You can play this game from 2-6 players.

This game with its aromas, temperature changes, tension, mysteries and so many various challenges and with its immersiveness made the whole experience a very unique one there truly is no other escape room like it (well none that I have ever played).

The new games that are being built at present is a room called Vermilion which will teleport yourself back to a post-prohibition 1930’s cigar lounge set in the deep south of the United States of America. You will have to crack the Vermilion code before the code cracks you in this escape room challenge.  There is skeletons in everyone’s closet, what is hidden in this one? Vermilion can be played from 2-6 players or 4-12 players Vs. Mode.

The other new game coming up is called Abyss that will go to the ends of the galaxy to get what the Syndicate desire. Will you unearth the truth about the missing space shuttle and discover what the Syndicate are really capable of?  This escape room will be merging digital and physical elements in a very new hybrid experience that will leave you questioning reality. You can play from 2-4 players.

So if you love escape rooms and you live or are just visiting Southampton be it that you are getting on a cruise, getting off or just on holiday in Southampton then this is the escape room that you should visit. You will come out feeling blown away from the whole sensory experience you had. However note under 12s require adult supervision.

This escape room company is one that I surely would return to so I can play one of the new games that are at present being built.

Immerse yourself into Other World Escapes as this really is an escape room that you really should get locked into whilst in town.




This escape room company is one that I surely would return to as there new games being built also they sound highly fun and immersive and unique that is up and coming.