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Zip World has popped up literally in Archbishop’s Park for a short time from 18 July to 1 October 2017.

If you are looking for a very unique way to see views from London but with a rush of adrenaline then Zip World is for sure the way to go.

I had the pleasure in being one of the first to try out Zip Worlds new zip wire experience.

Firstly and obviously you have to register and sign a waiver then watch a safety video however with the chatting to other riders with the noise around the park I found it quite hard to hear the commentary from coming from the TV.  It was then onto getting the gear on which is not always an easy feat but Zip Worlds was made a lot easier as they had the kit already laid out on the ground making it easier for us all to see where to put your feet/legs through then followed on by further instructions from the instructors.

After getting all kitted up we then walked down to towards the 35m tower (apparently equivalent to 9 buses high).  This was a feat in it’s self especially someone like me who suffers with asthma so I would say if you do suffer with asthma take it easy and don’t forget your spray.  I was literally knackered and out of breath by the end of the long steep climb but it was well worth it as the views overlooking London are just stunning.  From the top you can see The London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the much more of the ever growing/changing skyline of London.

We had quite a wait when up the top of the tower as we had to wait for others to have their turn or should I say leap of faith before it got around to us.  Whilst hanging around and taking in the views and watching people jump your heart really does start to beat more and more and with the high winds around it wobbled the tower every so often making you feel a bit more unsecure and nervous.  The good thing about this zip wire experience is though that there is in fact two parallel zip wires so you can face your fear along with your friend/family member.  When it came to me and my friend Gemma of to have our turn we go through a gate and are told to step down onto a step on the platform,  to hold onto the handles and jump.  My friend jumped and I just froze and I saw her zoom off down whilst I just stood there freaking out about the ever so small handles I had to hold.  Shame as she was wearing a Go Pro.  To see her footage go to her blog site.  Eventually I did jump and my heart really did zip into my mouth.  It was very fun though probably one of the best adrenaline rushes I have ever had and I really did feel like a bird flying through the skies of London with such a great bird’s eye view with the whole ride lasting approx. 20 seconds.  However the only reason why I would not do it again is purely because the steep stair climb nearly killed me (a lift would be good) and the handles are just a little too small for my liking which made me feel a tad unsafe but that’s the only reasons.

This was in fact my second zip wire experience as my first was on a cruise Oasis of the Seas which was 82 foot high which was amazing but Zip Worlds was more awe-inspiring and much higher (by another 18 foot) with spectacular views of London City.

I highly recommend trying this zip wire out even if it’s just once but be quick as it is booking fast and as mentioned before only there for a very limited time.  Tickets cost  £16.50 for a child and £22.50 for an adult. Click here to book.


Thank you to Zip World for letting me and Gemma of Love Pop Ups London come down for the ride of our life.  The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read Gemma’s blog. All her views are of her own honest opinion.


Zip World

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