All flipped out – Flip Out E6

This newly opened indoor trampoline and adventure park Flip Out E6 is based in East Ham old Bingo Hall and it is flipping good.  It is easy to get to with it being just over a 10 minute walk from East Ham tube station.

Flip Out E6

This place does not just consist of many trampolines of all sizes and bounciness but it also has:

  • a foam pit
  • a laser maze
  • 12 climbing walls
  • 30 foot vertical slide
  • 100 metre cave
  • basketball
  • battle beams
  • ninja warrior course
  • plus of course trampolines 50+ in fact

I had the pleasure to take and share my experience on the night along with 15 other community members from Love Pop Ups London courtesy of Flip Out E6.

Flip Out E6 me and members from the community of Love Pop Ups London

We got to bounce, jump, throw, climb you name it we had the pleasure to experience Flip Out E6 for just over 2 hours and with it being the evening it was less busy. We also got to enjoy some tasty food from pizza to tacos to keep our energy levels up from their café area.

However before you can start to have any fun you have to firstly watch an introduction video on health and safety. This has to be one of the most entertaining and funniest videos I have ever watched and most certainly does stick in your mind with it’s slap dash humour.   

Foam pit

You could literally jump from a trampoline into a foam pit. I could not get enough spring in my step to jump from the trampoline over into the foam pit so I jumped from the edge. It felt like I was trying to then get out of sinking quick sand. Was fun though and certainly different to a ball pit and obviously less sticky.

Laser maze

The laser maze was certainly one of my favourite activities to do. I felt like Tom Cruise out of Mission Impossible trying to dodge and dive between all the lasers. You can also choose from three different levels beginner, medium and hard. I tried the medium course but alas I failed I don’t think it helps if you have a big bum like a baboon.

Climbing walls

There are 12 different climbing walls each with different ability skills and all require you in wearing a harness. My favourites had to be the Artic one (handles to use and move) and the Space Planets (consisted of planets to step on). However you will need good balance and strength.

Note: If you want to use the climbing walls you are required to wear trainers otherwise you won’t be allowed to use them.

Flip Out E6 The Artic rock climbing wall

Vertical slide

This seriously is a vertical drop like I have never seen before and at 30 foot I just could not pull myself together to do it as it looked so terrifying. However some of the community of Love Pop Ups – London done it and they said even though it was scary it was very exhilarating at the same time. Also the tip from them was not to think about the drop when sitting on the edge but just to immediately go for it and let yourself go.


The cave is really like worming your way through a cave. It was extremely narrow and hard work. I felt like a worm trying to squirm through small places. This was most definitely my least favourite activity out of the whole of Flip Out and one I will not do again. The last part to exit was the hardest as I could not physically pull myself up through the last tunnel and with being in a ball pit it made it even harder as was so sticky and sweaty with condensation. My friends had to literally push my feet and a staff member had to throw me down a rope for me to grab and pull upon. I felt by the end of it that I had been given birth to all over again. Seriously hard work.

Note: If you want to go into the cave you are required to wear trainers otherwise you won’t be allowed to go inside.

Flip Out E6 Girl power read to tackle the cave with Steve, Henri, Me and Leanne


You can play this via a trampoline which if you are not great at throwing or shooting in a hoop like me the trampoline makes it certainly much easier to do. It actually made me feel like I was a basketball player jumping so high near the hoop with the ball in hand. Such fun and a great game to play and you can set yourself a challenge along with your family/friends in whom can score the most balls through the hoop in a certain time or after a certain amount of throws.

Battle beams

This is like playing one of the games from Gladiators in where you both hold big battons and you have to slam into each other to try and make your opponent loose balance. I tried it with one of my friends but as he is a man obviously I had no chance and I fell off straight away into a foam pit. It’s so much fun though and you can’t get hurt, just your ego!

Ninja warrior course

Ninja Warrior course was a challenge and a half. It had various obstacles what you might of seen on the BBC series Wipeout from swinging ropes to big balls BUT without the water. It was much harder than it looked and it really requires not just balance but strength. However it was fun in giving it a go even though I failed on all the obstacles. I so wanted to swing across from one rope to another like a monkey but alas I was more like a slippery snake.


There is so many trampolines to try from small to big ones with all various springs. I especially loved the white ones in the middle of the trampoline area on the ground floor as they were the most springiest and with trampoline on either sides to bounce off. I felt like a real kangaroo.


There is so much food to choose from. We had tacos, pizza and salad and they all looked and tasted amazing and I am very fussy believe me. The quality was outstanding and the salads where most impressive with fresh vegetables and big chunks of lovely Feta cheese so delicious and a very good size portion. I highly recommend to eat at Flip Out if you have time. Certainly is a great place to refuel plus very good value for money.

Ticket price  

1hr ‘all in jump, climb, cave and have fun’ – £12
2hrs park experience £20
2hrs on Friday After Dark Experience – £15
3hrs Schools Out ‘Everything Pass’ – £25

To summarize this is such an awesome indoor adventure park for ALL ages that is based in East Ham. You will totally be flipped out at the end of it but it’s so worth it. A great way to get away from the rain/sun, enjoy during the day/evening with family/friends and burn off those calories!

So make like a kangaroo and bounce on down to Flip Out E6.

To book a slot at Flip Out E6 click here.


Thanks to Flip Out E6 for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down for a very bouncing good time.  The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Flip Out