Drink drink drink – Cocktails in the City

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to go along to Cocktails in the City and I was pleased that I went along. This was my first time ever in attending Cocktails in the City event.


Me and Gemma of Munching London

Cocktails in the City


There was so many stands with drinks to try and buy. I especially loved the drinks at Mr Foggs, The Looking Glass and Cahoots. Each bar was themed uniquely with Mr Fogs being themed on a safari type situation, The Looking Glass is to do with Alice in Wonderland and Cahoots is themed on the war time era.


Gemma and me “ooh suits you Sir!”

Each bar though at the show was fantastic and I even discovered some that I never even knew existed in London. People will have the privilege in tasting some free samples of drinks throughout the event.  I tasted some drinks that I have never had or heard of before like Monkey Shoulder which was ever so tasty.


There is also food to be had at the event however I never tasted any as I had eaten before hand.

Games and competitions

There is also some games and competitions to participate in with the chance in winning a drink or some sort of merchandise.


Even though small there was still plenty of popped up bar stands to visit and learn about the real bars they have in London. If you love cocktails and discovering about bars that are set up in London then I highly recommend going along to the show when it is next on.  I personally would totally return when next time it is on.