Cinema and food together – Taste Film: Sex in the City

If you love cinema and good quality food then Taste Film is mostly certainly the best way to experience a movie from start to finish. The whole night was superbly done.

Taste Film – Sex in the City


I went along tonight to have a 4 course meal whilst watching the movie ‘Sex in the City’ via Taste. The film experience happened on the top floor on the View 94 restaurant which they used this time around.  Firstly though me and my man friend was firstly greeted by the lovely host who welcomed us and explained about the night. We then was given a welcome drink and if your a ‘Sex in the City’ fan then you will know what the drink is, that’s right it was a Cosmopolitan. This was my very first ever Cosmopolitan and it was a huge delight with its citrus sharpeness hitting my tongue making all my taste buds tingle with excitement it was like a having a mini orgasm literally on my tongue the flavour was a delight to be had and without knowing the ingredients I then discovered it was made out of vodka which is my favourite spirit just love love love.  “Why did we ever stop drinking these?” in my case “Why did I never ever have this before?”

The gastronomic film experience

It was now time for the film so we ventured up stairs to the bedroom restaurant/film screening area.  There was a number of small tables and some long tables all promptly facing towards the pop-up cinema screen. The menu on the table was printed on luxury white sheet card and had quotes printed from the film on them.  Me and my man friend were sat on a table for two making it very romantic indeed but he is just a friend, not my husband who was sitting back at home.

Taste Film - Sex in the City - screen

I was not entirely sure if I was really going to enjoy this movie as personally I am not really into chick flicks but I was pleasantly surprised and ended up in really enjoying the movie and now I want to see the sequel to it.  Moments throughout the movie I could relate to certain parts of my life ie “Charlotte has pudding in her Prada”, “Sweetie, you shit your pants this year” say no more.

Each dish is given out over the period of the film which made the whole experience a pleasant one and we did not feel rushed at all we could take our time to enjoy it with an interval half way to have a chin wag with your girlies in my case my man friend.

Starters was served after 12 minutes into the film which was a labelled as a ‘Girl’s Brunch’ which was a Potato Gnocchi with Ginger Prawns and Carrot Puree which was cooked to perfection with very meaty huge prawns (size does matter) which made my eyes lit up.

39 minutes in it was onto ‘Carrie and Gig’s rehearsal dinner’ which was a Rack of Lamb with Black Rice and Shitake Mushroom sauce which was a decent size portion with the meat so soft and succulent it just melted in the mouth and the sauce was so lush.

1 hour and 4 minutes ‘Carries Mex-coma’ Margarita drink arrived. I have never had one before but I was pleasantly surprised however was a bit salty though due to the rimming.

1 hour and 48 minutes ‘Samantha and the sushi’ Salmon with avocado and Lemon Citrus Mayo Sushi not quite like a normal sushi but neverless was chunky, sticky and fishy which was great.

Dessert time came after 1 hour 58 mins with this being the final climax with ‘Samantha gut feeling’. It was a chocolate fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream a great way to end any evening with chocolate, oh heavenly melting smooth chocolate just oozing out.


Me and my friend Steve we both thoroughly enjoyed the food and movie.

When I got back home my husband says “Well, honey, what have you been eating?” and I say “Everything except Dante’s my friends dick”.

The whole evening from start to finish really was a total climax and one that I look forward to experiencing again in the future.

Like a virgin this was my first Taste Film experience but it was their 6th movie event and was sure one that I will never forget.  They show different movies on certain dates over the year and in different locations with different menus to reflect the movie so always making it a unique experience to take pleasure in. So forget Netflix get your purse and buy a ticket to Taste Film.

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but Taste Film never will go out of style”

t steve


Thank you to Taste Film for a gastronomic experience. To find out more and book one of their latest upcoming events click here. The meal and experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion

Click below to read Steve’s blog whom joint me on the night. All his views are of his own honest opinion.

Taste Film

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