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I went along tonight and had the pleasure to play both games Professor Oxfords Experiments and Da Vincis Exploration at Escape Land in Oxford Street, London. I went along with some of the community of ‘Love Pop Ups London’ to play both games.

Each room you can have up to six players and it is your mission to escape within 60 minutes and to do that you have to fight your way through by solving and cracking many puzzles and mysteries. Escape rooms are most certainly the most best way to have fun with family, friends or colleagues and a great time in team building.

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Escape Land – Professor Oxford’s Experiments

This rooms takes you back 100 years to a Mad Proffesor’s house. During the game you need to solve many puzzles and unlock many locks to be able to solve the mystery of what had happened in the Mad Professor’s house.  I love all the different varied puzzles within the rooms and there is always something for everyone to work on.  I also love the fun bizarre mad hatter type hats that you can wear whilst in the room.

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Escape Land – Da Vinci’s Exploration

Leonardo Da Vinci was part of a secret organisation guarding the holy grail. It was our mission to find the grail in which grant you a long and happy life.  However evil forces are working on finding the key as well and destroying it. So it was our mission to solve may puzzles (with some based on Da Vincis’s inventions) and tackle many obstacles with out giving to much away this was most certainly a game like no other escape room I have ever played with a smelling task and many moving objects. I felt like I was in Crystal Maze. This was most certainly a very immersive game indeed and one that I will never forget as it was also very well themed and decorated out.  Again there was some hats and clothing to wear within this escape room if you so desired. A very exciting, fun, unique escape room one of my top three.


I would definitely recommend going to play at Escape Land in particular Da Vinci’s Exploration as this was so unique and original to any other escape game.

Thank you to Escape Land for a cracking experience. If you would like to book a game with Escape Land click here.


Thanks to Escape Land for a very fun game.  The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Escape Land

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