“Bah ram yu” is not the password to escape – clueQuest: OperationBlackSheep

OperationBlackSheep is my second game to play at clueQuest as the other week I played PLAN52 which was great.

This one did not disappointment again. This escape room was a challenging and yet exciting one. It had a vast array of puzzles from lock cracking, code cracking and puzzles.  Team effort is certainly required in this one to disarm the rocket in time.  It is also essential that all elements are placed in the correct order at the end to solve the final piece to leave the room.  The only thing that I was disappointed not to see in this room was a mouse hole as I thought that might be a signature element to all their games.  This is certainly a good room for team building.

With any game in clueQuest they have quite a number of duplicate rooms so if there is more than 6 of you then you can all play the same game in a duplicate room and have a challenge of against each team. So clueQuest is most certainly the best escape room company to go along to.

So now that is two out of three games complete and I can’t wait to play the next one.

Plus there is a new one coming along this winter 2017.

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