The owl (me) and the pussycats – GoBoat

GoBoat has to be the most fun and the most highly pleasurable experiences that has come about recently in London.  It opened up back in February 2017 in Merchant Square (Paddington) however I only discovered about them via a friend recently.  I am so happy that I did as this has to be one of the best ways to experience the London canals of Paddington, Little Venice and Camden.  Not only is the ride pleasurable whilst passing such places as London Zoo but it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of London life.  You can even enjoy a picnic whilst on board driving and sailing down the canals as there is a big table bang in the middle of the boat which eight people can happily sit around without feeling on top of each other.  I never drove the boat as I knew for sure I would crash it and I’m so glad I did not as many of my friends from the community of Love Pop Ups – London had a go and some of them let’s just say was not great at it at all as we crashed a number of times into walls head on, sideways into walls and into bushes with then many spiders hitchhiking a ride however some others managed to steer the boat much better than others which then made it a very pleasurable experience.


We had a two hour experience but I would recommend a three hour slot as we actually never made it to Camden due to the vast amount of traffic on the canals.  Whilst sailing down the canals as well you can feed the ducks along the way as GoBoat provides you with a few cups of duck feed so this was a lovely little surprise as I love animals and birds.


We also took a picnic with us and some soft drinks and alcoholic drinks which we were provided by Fentimans and Emily vegetable/fruit crisps (see my reviews in product section for both) however you are only allowed a certain amount of alcohol drink on board and if you do drink you won’t be allowed to drive the boat.  Also you can take a speaker and play some music whilst on board as long as you have it set low and not blasting out.


We sailed through Little Venice heading towards Camden however we only had two hours and with their being so much traffic on the canals we never made it as time was against us so we turned back much earlier.  However what we did experience and get to see was a pleasurable one and I plus my friends thoroughly enjoyed it.

So forget boring old picnics on a field or in a park or a bench somewhere jump on a GoBoat instead and enjoy a pleasurable canal ride away from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced London life.  I will certainly be booking to sail on a GoBoat again soon with other friends and family.


I had the pleasure to experience the GoBoat again on 23 September as I took some others from the community of Love PopUps –  London out.  This time around as there was far less crashing from others we made it all the way to Camden Town and back, woop!

I decided to this time around make a vlog of our nautical journey. To see the video click this link to see it.

Thank you to GoBoat for a fun nautical time.

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