Hi, I’m Joanne, Wanna read? – FrightFest – Cult of Chucky screening

Chucky movies are true classics and never goes out of style! and FrightFest is the first to show Chucky’s latest movie Cult of Chucky.

My Good Guy friend Steve “friends to the end” took me along to see the World Premiere of Cult of Chucky (the seventh instalment to the Chucky franchise) at the opening of FrightFest (24 August 2017) which was shown at Cineworld in Leicester Square, London.

Cult of Chucky – The interviews with the cast

As this was a World Premiere as you can imagine most of the stars of the movie were there being interviewed and snapped on the red carpet. There was the sweet Fiona Dourif who plays Nica in the movie. She came across as such a nice young lady plus she is the daughter of Brad Dourif who plays the voice of Chucky. Don Mancini the director and writer also turned up. It was great to see such a great horror writer/director of such a classic franchise at the premiere and a few other stars but what really was great was seeing the fabulous Jennifer Tilly she was lovely, she is perfect in every single way. I also got to have my photo with her and literally my heart and soul felt like it was going to rip out of my body as she is one of my female idols and I got to hold her hand briefly. Jennifer told the press that she loves playing Tiffany in the past few Chucky movies and that she really hopes that a eighth Chucky movie will be made as she would love to star in the next one again.

After watching and listening to the interviews it was onto the screening. Time to play!


If you are not aware what Chucky movies are about it’s about a serial killer Charles Lee Ray who gets killed and he transfers his soul via voodoo ritual whilst he is dying into a Good Guy doll. It is then a race against time for him to transfer his soul into a living person that he has told his secret to before his soul gets trapped in a Good Guy doll forever. As you can imagine he still has not achieved this over the past six movies.

Cult of Chucky – The movie my verdict

The new movie Cult of Chucky is much more darker than the original movies and far more tense, with lots of twists and lots of unique killings with a few added witty comical moments from Chucky. In this movie Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) returns to terrorize Nica once again who was the disabled female star from the last movie Curse of Chucky. However, the killer doll also has some scores to settle with some other old enemies, with the help of his former wife (he wed Tiffany whom is played by Jennifer Tilly in Bride of Chucky). I love the fact that not only has this movie got many twists and turns and that it’s far more darker than the usual Chucky movies but the continuity from the last movie is done very well. Like all Chucky movies there are plenty of killings but in this one there was certainly much more gore, blood and practical effects (no CGI) which made the whole movie far better than the last one which used a lot of CGI and looked odd in my opinion. Chucky might say about his latest movie “I‘m new and improved” or “we are”.

Cult of Chucky Q&A

Cult of Chucky – Q&A after movie

After the movie it was not “night night” just yet as there was a surprise Q&A with the stars of the movies and Don. This was great as I got to see the amazing Jennifer again and hear them easier without the clicking of paparazzi cameras. It was fun to watch and listen to. Don is really passionate about the franchise he has helped write and direct and urged us fans to go out and support this one so he can then continue telling the story with another instalment. However in the Q&A Don also told us to keep the whole story and twists of the movie a secret as he wants it to be a surprise for when people see it in October when Cult of Chucky officially gets released this is why I have not mentioned about the actual story of the movie.

Go and see it

Trust me though you won’t want to miss this movie as it totally breathes new life to the franchise “Do it!” as “Life is short!” and “Trust me, you’ll love it”.

My favourite Chucky movies

My favourite movies in order from the horror franchise are as follows:

  1. Cult of Chucky,
  2. Childs Play 2,
  3. Childs Play 1,
  4. Bride of Chucky,
  5. Curse of Chucky,
  6. Childs Play 3, and finally
  7. Seed of Chucky.

I will always be a fan of the Chucky movies ’til the end!

Curse of Chucky – Garett Zima is a fan of Chucky

Plus whilst I was at this World Premiere I met Garett Zima who has made the most amazing replica doll of Chucky plus he makes other replica memorabilia such as Freddy Krueger’s hand. He bought along his Chucky replica and it looked exactly like the one in the movie. I got to learn about his love of the Chucky movies and found out more about his talent and future projects so I just had to interview him further.

Garrett Zima gets interviewed by me (Joanne Mortlock) the founder of Love Pop Ups – London

Who inspired you to make and create? I think special effects artist like Tony Gardner and Kevin Yagher inspired me to try making the dolls.

How you get started? It all started at an art gallery when I met a man that worked on the Child’s Play films and he had some things from the movie that I got from him.

How long have you been making the dolls? I’ve been making the dolls for quite some time and I really do enjoy making them

Which films have you supplied to? Currently only ever helped out with the Cult of Chucky

In the Cult of Chucky what did you supply? I supplied the shoe laces. It was great and quite interesting to see that the shoe laces had so much screen time and a lot of close up shots. It made me very happy. I am even credited at the end of the movie for historical reference.

Favourite Chucky movie? Childs Play 2 is my favourite

Do you sell the dolls? Currently I have a deal with Trick or Treat Studios and will be mass producing the dolls next year.

What over horror replicas have you made? I’ve made replica Freddy gloves but not for the movies but I can only wish though

I hear that you are working on a haunted house where is it located? Mishicot, W1

How can people find out more? www.hauntedvoyage.com

Can I buy the dolls as yet? No not at present

When can people start to be able to buy the dolls? Next year

You can follow Garrett on Instagram @garrettzima

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