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Bompas & Parr in summer 2017 held a unique event in both Westfield Centres in London called the Future Forest for a short run.  The event was also completely free in both centres to attend with no pre-booking required. Future Forest was all about exploring the relationship between humans and nature through a very fun and adventurous way.

Bompas & Parr: Future Forest in Shepherds Bush

I went along to the Future Forest one that was held in Shepherds Bush running from 15-28 August 2017. There was a fantastical fruit cloud, a mini exhibition showcasing plants that create electricity, the magic of spider silk, and a historic tree circus alongside artefacts, artworks and anecdotes about forests and nature.  Everything is designed to inspire guests to consider the environment and the outdoors, as well as relaxation, health and wellbeing.

Future Forest map

Forest Village

This was about discovering and learning about plants and insects. What I really loved seeing was the different spider web silks as they all had different strengths depending on which spider made the web.

The Fruit Cloud

Everyday they have a different flavoured fog to inhale in the Fruit Cloud room. On the day I went they had the apple flavoured fog.  Before entering the cubed room with the heavy fog you are given a rain mac to wear to protect yourself from the wet fog.  It was hard to see through the misty fog it felt like I had been transported into the movie The Mist.  A child had to come to my rescue and guide me through the room.  He led me over to a window in which you could peer out off to see your friends/family in who you are with or just to see the shopping mall shops. I found it hard to breath in the environment and the fog made everything wet so I did not stay in there long. Also I could not taste the apple.

Future Forest fruit cloud me inside

Adventure Zip-line

This was a fun experience even though I have done a much higher zip wire before and this was very small in comparison I still froze when it came to me jumping off. Why I really don’t know as I am fine with heights I think it is because I always fear what if the rope snaps not that it would though as they are quite safe. However when I finally jumped I felt like Tarzan or should I say Jane flying and swooping back on down to the ground.  It’s fun and a great way for kids to have a bit of fun.

Future Forest poster

Other activities

There is also many other fun activities as well for the youngsters to experience from face painting, storytelling, balloon making etc at certain intervals throughout the days.  The whole reason of Future Forest though is to highlight the importance of the future of the forest and the role it will increasingly play in our lives. This event certainly did provide an insight into the future of nature and it’s potential role in urban landscapes.

The other Future Forest pop up

Westfield Stratford City event ran from 21 July to 3 August. Instead of a zip wire though they had a Forest Zorb Lagoon experience instead where guests were invited to walk, tumble and jump on water.

After visiting any Future Forest though, it’s hoped that city-dwellers will leave with a deeper understanding of the relevance of the natural world even amid the frenzy of the concrete jungle.


I love Bompas & Parr and I am a massive fan and this free event still lived up to the expectations of their wackiness. They always deliver and lay on amazing things.

To read more about Bompas & Parr and discover upcoming events click here.

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