Let’s save home and country – Escape Plan: The Battle for Britain

Escape Plan is a live escape experience is themed around World War II and I must admit upon entering into the room I felt like I had been transported back to 1945 with all the props and the music/sounds that was playing through the speakers elevating through the whole room. The story is that we are in the depths of August 1940 and the Luftwaffe have launched a resurgent attack on Britain and we are the only survivors in the bombed airbase that we are situated in.

Escape Plan: The Battle for Britain – will we escape?

It’s up to us to find our way into the Ops Room, and mobilise the full force of the RAF to defend Britain from the next attack. However the second attack is imminent so time is tight.

Escape Plan poster

With so many challenging puzzles and codes to crack and locks to unlock time is ticking. It was now up to me and my friends ‘Rangers, lead the way’ to crack on, solve, unlock and help save home and country by deploying the planes in the end game. The planes had to be placed onto the correct county’s airbase which is determined by the codes that you collect along the way.

Escape Plan the plan

There are so many varied challenging puzzles throughout all leading to answers into where to place the planes. So many planes ‘they’re on our left, they’re on our right, and they’re in front of us’. Once all planes are in position in the end game it is then time to flick the switch to order the RAF to go and defend Britain.

Escape Plan poster

Unfortunately we did not make it out in time before we got bombed however we managed to defend home and country quite well as you are not just timed but also scored on your ability in defending Britain. This is where we learnt how well we done and we scored 45 out of 70. So even though we may of not made it out in time we felt like we had achieved something instead in saving most of Britain from other bombings from enemy planes.Escape Plan bar


This is most certainly a great escape room to do with anyone from friends and family to work colleagues. You can play in a team of 2-7 people.

“It was up to us today. It will be you tomorrow…….???”

You will certainly have an explosive time!


Thanks to Escape Plan for letting me and other from Love Pop Ups London community come down to play the test game for Battle for Britain.  The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Escape Plan – Battle of Britain


Escape Plan poster Spitfire II

Photo issued by Escape Plan

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